Welcome to My EVE Online Guide!

Posted: 27/05/2011 in Home Page

PLEASE NOTE: This blog was created and posted BEFORE the Incarna 2011 expansion was brought out. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, I have had to temporarily suspend my EVE Online account and so have not been able to update this blog to take into account the expansions from Incarna onwards.

There are still relevant posts for you to enjoy, such as Skills & AttributesYour Career and Ships, but some will not make sense anymore due to the new expansions.

I will update again when I am more financially stable. Thanks to all who read this blog and I hope it can still be of assitance to new and old players alike!




This is a quick, easy-to-use guide for all those new EVE Online players out there who, like me, may have found it a bit difficult to get into the game at first.

This guide is constantly expanding, so feel free to leave comments or let me know if anything needs correcting or updating!



01) Introduction

02) Character Creation

03) EVE Tutorial

04) UI

05) Skills & Attributes

06) Your Career

07) Overview

08) Corporations & Alliances

09) Ships

10) The Market

11) EVEMon

12) Links

13) General Tips

14) Glossary



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