01) Introduction


01) Introduction

02) Character Creation

03) EVE Tutorial

04) UI

05) Skills & Attributes

06) Your Career

07) Overview

08) Corporations & Alliances

09) Ships

10) The Market

11) EVEMon

12) Links

13) General Tips

14) Glossary


So you’ve given EVE Online a go with the 14-day trial and decided you liked it. Now it’s time to upgrade your account and get into the massive universe that is EVE Online.

Before I started, I was constantly told how different this game is to other MMO’s, and I found this to be excessively true.

I was also told how difficult and technical this game is, which is also true in many ways.

As this handy chart demonstrates.

However, I have found that, whereas there is a lot to learn, it’s not that bad. Going through the initial tutorial and being part of a helpful corporation can get you through most things.

I have also found that most EVE Online guides out there are either too technical for their own good or are aimed at players who actually know what they’re doing.

This guide is for the new players trying to navigate EVE who want simple, quick information for easy application.

This guide will be updated as often as is necessary for new players to get to grips with this game. Please comment if you feel some information is incorrect or needs updating.

If you wish to know more about me or my character, visit this section.



What is EVE Online?


According to Wikipedia:

EVE Online is a video game by CCP Games. It is a player-driven persistent-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a science fiction space setting. Players pilot customisable ships through a universe comprising over 7,500 star systems.


For more detailed info, read here: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/About_EVE_Online

Arguably, EVE is like Freelancer in an MMO setting in execution, but as I said earlier, EVE is unlike any game you have ever played. You as the player pilot ships in a giant sandbox universe and can go on missions, explore, mine minerals, research and build items, PVP, be a pirate or bounty-hunter or all of the above.

EVE literally lets you choose your own path in the game, you can do what you want when you want, and deal with the consequences as they arise.

There are a variety of roles/careers, which are covered in the career section, for you to choose from, and at any time you could, for example, give up the life of piracy for a career in mining, or whatever you want.

The Wikipedia article also says it’s a “player-driven persistent-world” which is very true. Players make the game. there are NPC’s and plenty of corresponding missions and NPC pirates and drones to destroy, but the real fun of the game lies in player interaction. The players drive the economy in EVE (almost every item you buy will have been made by another player) as they drive the shifting borders and alliances.

Getting yourself into a corporation as soon as possible is also recommended as they can help you build yourself up as you can them. More on that in the corporations and alliances section.

The main focus of this game is player interaction, i.e. the experience of interacting with other people who are literally shaping the universe around you. The thing that appeals to me most about EVE Online is that your actions actually have consequences for the game universe. Which means what you do will affect other people, much like real-life.

The only other MMO that has something even remotely similar is Warhammer Online wherein players can capture certain parts of the world and give boosts to everyone on their side. Thus it has an area where PVP genuinely provides advantages to the corresponding side in the rest of the game world.

But even so, EVE does this on a far greater scale. Battles between players numbering over 1000 strong have occurred, and the chances of you being involved in a war like that are quite high. The consequences of these battles can be quite devastating to the loosing side, and it can mean a genuine shift in power in the entire game universe.

EVE is also pretty much a life-long game, as scary as that sounds. Some skills take months or even years to train, as does building up enough of a power base to be a real force in the EVE universe. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because this is what happens in real-life, which is why EVE appeals to so many people, it reflects the real world in many ways, mainly thanks to the fact that it’s player-driven.

The other big appeal of EVE Online is the ships. Many players are attracted by the possibility of piloting massive battlecruisers and engaging in huge armed conflicts, or taking science or mining vessels and exploring the universe or building an industrial empire, or taking small cloaked vessels and infiltrating an enemies territory to spy or sabotage them. There are ships and builds for practically every play style out there. More on that in the ships section.

One more great thing about EVE Online: it’s constantly expanding itself in the sense that it isn’t limiting itself to just a space-flight MMO,it has plans to expand into FPS format! You’ll be able to not only fly ships around in space but also board space-stations or land on planets and follow an FPS style of play! Point is, the dev team behind EVE doesn’t believe in boundaries, and that deserves respect if nothing else.

There is so much to say about EVE Online, but no amount of words can truly capture what the game is like. The best way to learn is by doing, so get in there and do some flying!



Incursion is the current EVE Online expansion. A group known as “Sansha’s Nation” have begun to invade various regions in EVE space, and players can involve themselves in repelling these incursions for various rewards. Think of these as “Public Quests”.

Read here for more information:




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