02) Character Creation

The character creation tool in EVE is incredibly powerful and thorough. It’s also quite easy and straightforward, but in case you still need help, here is a good video of someone creating their EVE character in the new Incursion character creation tool. (Incursion is the most recent EVE Online expansion.)



Here is also a good new player/character creation guide: http://www.mmorpg-center.com/eve-online-new-player-guide

I also recommend starting in space, as this will allow you to start the tutorial right away.



Early game is the only time race is actually important, otherwise race doesn’t play a very important role in EVE as you can eventually train your character to pilot any kind of ship you want, regardless of initial race restrictions.

To begin with, each race has slightly different physical features and clothing options to choose from in the character creation, each race also starts in a different area of space.

They also have different ship designs and specialities and histories.

What you as a new player need to know is this: choose your race based on what speciality you want to major in for the first few months of the game, thereafter you can start to branch out into other areas. For example, if you take Amarr which specialises in laser weapons, you can eventually branch out into drones which are a Gallente specialisation.

(You can actually branch into other races specialisations almost immediately, but it is recommended that you stick with the advantage of your race for a while first as the ships you will be getting initially are more geared towards those specialisations.)

Here is a nice breakdown of their skills and attributes: http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/34194


Amarr: Lasers, Cap Warfare

Pros: Good all-round ships. Good for min/maxing skills.

Cons: Good all-round ships – don’t excel in any department but are decent to strong in most.


Gallente: Drones, Armour Tanking, Hybrid Turrets.

Pros: One of the best PvP races.

Cons: Ships can be slow and ponderous.


Minmatar: Speed, lots of it.

Pros: Fastest ships in the game. Great for “ratting”. Jack of all trades in terms of skills. Good DPS.

Cons: Not designed to be hit hard – quick, fast hitting ships that can be destroyed relatively easily.


Caldari: Missiles, Shield Tanking, E-Warfare.

Pros: One of the best PvE races. Most science and industry players are also Caldari.

Cons: Ships can be slow; strong in PvE means not as strong in PvP.


What if I don’t like my character?


A problem many new players have is in realising that they don’t like the character they have just created. They may realise this during the tutorial or only weeks or months later.

As said earlier, what race you choose to begin with only matters for the first few months of the game as you can branch your skills into other races ships and tech at almost any time, but it is recommend you stick to your races’ specialities to strengthen yourself as much as possible before branching.

For example, I chose Gallente because I like their drones, but I really like the look of Amarr ships but I didn’t want to start as an Amarr. Now, I will first build up my Gallente (drone ) skills and then branch out into Amarr ships at a later stage, or I could have chosen Amarr first and eventually trained drone skills, but I wanted drones first.

So, you should choose your first race based on the specialisation you like and work your way to another if you wish.

However, if you don’t like your character for another reason, such as the looks of the races ships’ or your character’s aesthetics or name, then you should either delete the character before putting too much more time into it, or just plough on until it doesn’t matter anymore as you can change race ships later and alter your character to a certain degree.

You could also keep the character you don’t like as an alternate (alt). It’s your choice really, but be careful about sinking a lot of time into a character you don’t really like. Rather do something about it sooner than later.


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