05) Skills & Attributes

This section deals mostly with your Character Sheet, and the Skills and Attributes found therein.

The wonderful thing about EVE Online is that you can constantly be training skills, even while you sleep or even if you take a break from EVE for up to months at a time! It’s a pro and a con, as some skills take minutes to train, others several months or even a year! But those skills are very high level, for at least the first month or so, the most time a skill will take is up to 2 weeks maximum. And like I said, you don’t even have to be playing while this is training.

I think this is an advantage for more casual players like myself, as my character can be improving itself at all times of the day, and not the few hours I log in a week. This leaves me free to explore the EVE universe and go on missions or enjoy some PVP whilst my skills tick on.

There are also very handy tools out there to help one optimise and plot skill training to minimise time spent and get you to your desired ship ASAP! The top-rated skill tool out there at the moment is EVEmon.

There is also a wonderful app for the iPhone called EVE Universe which allows one to keep track of skills being trained and other character stats. (Review)

There are several options to choose from on the character sheet, which you can read about in more detail here, but we will be focussing on the Skills option at the top and the Attributes option two below.



Skills are accessible at any time in-game (this includes in-space or station) via your Character Sheet option on the Neocom Panel (highlighted below in red on the expanded Neocom Panel).

(Click to enlarge image)

Character Sheet

The window in the middle is what will pop-up upon clicking the Character Sheet option on the Neocom Panel.

If you click the Skills option, as I have above, then a series of drop-down menus, with all skills available to you in the game, will display.

Below, I have clicked one of these drop-down options. You will notice that some skills have large red X’s next to them. Some have green ticks, and another says “level 3” and has a semi-filled bar as well as a timer.

Hovering your cursor over the icons tells you what they mean, whilst clicking the big blue “i” tells you about the skill itself.

The red X, means that you do not meet the requirements to train that skill.

The green tick, means you do meet the requirements to train that skill but do not have the skill book for it. (More on that below.)

The highlighted skill, with the bar and timer is a skill I am able to train right now and have the skill book for. The level and bar correspond to how high a level that skill is. The timer is how long it will take to train said skill.

(Your race will determine how high a level some skills you have start off at, for example my Amarr character above starts off with high level Electronics already. Gallente would have Drones available, etc.)

Skill Books

Some skills require Skill Books to train them. These books you will have to purchase in-game from suppliers found throughout the EVE universe.

Training Queue

The Training Queue is all important. It is where you set up what skills you will be training for your character.

Highlighted below in red is the option to open the training queue:

Which will open the Training Queue window:

Training Queue

On the left, in drop-down menu format, are the skills currently available to me to train. It also shows the current level of the skills you have and how long it will take to train that skill to the next level.

One the right is the actual queue. I have already clicked and dragged a skill into the queue. In this case, it is the Electronics skill.

The blue bar at the top is your time bar, you should fill this up with as many skills as you can whenever you can (preferably skills according to a set plan of what you want to train, and not random skills that look fun.)

The time bar is set to allow 24 hours of skills in, but this is to prevent you from placing too many low-level skills in at once. So, you can only put 24 hours worth of skills in, but if you have space and a skill goes over the 24 hour mark, this is fine. For example, if I put in enough skills to put me at 23 hours and 55 minutes, I would still be able to put in any another skill, even if it’s a week long or more.

It’s a little confusing at first, but if you play around with it you’ll get it easily.

The Electronics skill will currently take just over 20 hours to train. If you look to the left-hand section again, you will see that under the Electronics skill there it says “4D 21H 4M 50S” – this means that to get my Electronics skill (which is currently training for 20 hours to level 3) to level 4 will take 4 Days, 21 Hours, 4 Minutes and 50 Seconds.

Once you have placed your skill(s), you can click “apply” at the bottom and your character will be all set to train his/her skills.


Please read here for more detail on skills and skill training:

Character Sheet: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Character_sheet

Skill Training: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Skill_training

Skill Guide: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Skills_Guide



Attributes relate to your skill training, the higher your attributes the faster your skills train. They also correspond to certain skills, so for example the Charisma attribute corresponds to trading or connection skills, etc.

Attributes can also be enhanced through Augmentations that you can either earn through missions or buy on the market.



One can also remap attributes. Called Neural Remapping this allows a player to redistribute their attribute points as they want:

Neural Remapping

Note: This can only be done twice initially, and then only after a year again, so choose carefully!

EVEmon can also assist in providing good remapping plans for your character.



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