06) Your Career

EVE Online allows the player to follow any career path they wish to. You can be a miner one minute and a pirate the next. There is not limit to what you can choose to do.

But to begin with, there are several Career Missions available to you to get you some experience in the different aspects of the game. These missions appear after you have completed the Crash Course (tutorial) and done a few tutorial missions and range from combat to courier to mining and more.

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Career Agents

I strongly advise you do all of the career missions available to you so you can get a well-rounded understanding of EVE, your ship and the different career routes.

After getting a taste of the types of gameplay EVE has to offer, it is a good idea to pick a route and stick with it for a while so you can build up some knowledge of it and some ISK (the in-game currency).

Bare in mind, nothing is stopping you from kicking all of this to the curb and figuring out your own path, this is simply a handy way to get to know your way around the game.

I’m done with the Tutorial and Career missions, now what?

There are several options available to you, but it depends on what you want to accomplish in EVE.

First, you must realise that there is no real goal or story to complete in EVE that will let you “win”. This isn’t like most games with an endboss and a final level to reach. You. Just. Keep. Going.

You have to define your own goal, which is one of the best and worst things about EVE.

Below is a handy diagram that very succinctly defines goals or careers you can work towards in EVE Online. For more detail, read on.



There are missions available for you to complete at almost any space station, and they go up in difficulty and level. Some people choose just to complete missions and have a pretty good time flying all over EVE; raking in ISK and getting some good PVE experience.

For more detailed information on making mission running your career, visit this site: http://www.eve-wiki.net/index.php?title=Occupations#Mission_Runner

There are four main mission sects out there: Normal, Storyline, Celestial/Cosmos and Epic.

Normal Missions

Normal missions are available at most space stations and range from: distribution (courier and trade), to research (creating items, exploring, hacking, archaeology), to security (hunting pirates and killing drones) and mining (searching for valuable minerals) etc. You can do every one you find, or focus on one or a few types.

They are low to medium-risk, low to medium-reward missions and great for testing your skills or new ship builds.

From day one, you will be able to access level one missions, but you will only be able to access higher level missions by either training social and connection skills up or by completing enough missions to increase your standing with your agent and their faction.

Storyline Missions


After ever 16 normal missions completed, you will receive an EVEmail from an agent asking you to help them on a mission.

These are low to medium-risk, low to medium-reward missions, but if completed add huge boosts to your agent/faction standings.

Cosmos/Celestial Missions


These missions are only accessible once the player finds the celestial agent, and can only be accepted once.

They are medium to high risk/reward missions that offer unique rewards and significantly increased standing with the agent/faction.

Epic Arc Missions


This is the closest thing to a storyline you will find in EVE at the moment (that and fighting against the Incursions).

This is a 50 mission arc available to you early on in the game. The missions gradually increase in difficulty and reward and are highly recommended by most players to complete as they offer valuable experience and plenty of reward.


Protip: If you choose to run the missions, complete the Epic Arc and then pick one corporation or agent and just run missions for them until you are eligible for higher level missions; i.e. you will most likely me able to only access Level I missions/agents after completing the Epic Arc, choose a corporation/agent and only do missions for them until Level II missions/agents become available.



Currently in EVE, there are sections of the universe where large groups of pirates are taking over. Think of these areas as raids or public quests where it is up to you and the other EVE players to repel their onslaught.

You can find Incursion areas near you by opening your Journal and clicking the “Incursion” tab on the top-right. This will show you several areas you can head to to “duke it out” with “them thar” pirates.

Be careful though, these areas are for more experienced players who not only know what they’re doing, but also have the capitol to back up loosing a ship or two (or more).

Own Goal/Occupation

If missions aren’t your thing, or if you want something to do between missions, then you will have to pick your own goal and work towards it.

For a full guide on various careers or occupations in EVE, visit this site: http://www.eve-wiki.net/index.php?title=Occupations

Some examples:

  • Work on building up your corporation! If it is your corp, decide what it needs, whether that is minerals, pilots, a stronger social and political power-base, and work towards it. If it is a corp you are part of, find out what it needs the most and include that goal in your regular EVE sessions. For example, my corp needs certain minerals on a regular basis, so I either join them on mining excursions or occasionally drop off minerals I have picked up whilst missioning.
  • Work towards owning your own space station/starbase! A Player-Own Starbase is exactly what it sounds like. It is a station or base that you personally and can do whatever you want with. This could include it being a research outpost, a security station for you and your friends and/or an industrial planet-mining complex.
  • Be a pirate! Yarrr, sail the vast emptiness of space and become the scourge of players everywhere!
  • Be an NPC pirate hunter! Hate those annoying NPC pirates always appearing where you least want them to be? Then hunt them down and claim the bounty!
  • Be a bounty hunter! Hunt down players who have bounties on their heads! (Not really recommended as the current bounty system in EVE is flawed)
  • Be a mercenary! This is a more common profession in EVE, as everyone needs a hired gun!
  • Be a miner! In EVE you’re not “Just a Miner“, you’re also a strong, steady and sought after source of income!

There are many other occupations in EVE! It really is your Universe to do with as you please!

EVE Online is a thinking game, so take some time to figure out what you want to do and set your sights skyward!

  1. Greg says:

    just finished the career quests and this has provided me with a lot of information and help on where I want to take the game next. Nicely done

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