07) Overview

The Overview Scanner (featured below on the right-hand side) is one of the most important tools in EVE Online. So much so that I’ve given it it’s own page.

Right: Overview Scanner

The Overview allows the pilot to quickly gauge his surroundings in various ways and provides quick, useful information for fast decision making.

The Overview columns (from left to right) are:

IC – The Icon of the identified object/ship/planet/station/sun etc.

Distance – The current distance of said object.

Name – The name of said object.

Type – The object’s type (i.e. ship/planet etc).

You will also notice during your travels that some objects are colour- coded. For example, jump gates have yellow icons whilst pirate NPC’s have red “+” icons. Players who have low security statuses (such as pirate players) will also appear as yellow highlights will skulls next to their names (be careful of them) and players who are at war with your corporation, or who you have set as having good/bad standing with you, will also appear with appropriately coloured highlights and icons, for example those in your corporation will appear with white stars in green boxes next to their names.

Selected Item Box

Above the Overview is the Selected Item Box which provides you details of the object you have selected, as well as providing you options for interacting with it, such as locking the target, looting or directing the camera to look directly at it.

Above, I have selected an “Imperial Navy Fleet Marshall” ship. As you can see in the Overview on the right, it is highlighted and has now appeared in the selection box at the top of the overview along with a few options available to me.

When locking onto multiple targets, or differentiating between multiple objects on screen, this box can help specify which target you are aiming at. For example. if you have more than one target locked, the selection box tells you which target you will fire upon first.

Overview Tabs

The overview provides a lot of information, sometimes too much, so being able to filter that information is vital. The Overview is set to it’s default which is “All”, as in “show everything”, which can be annoying in an intense combat situation or when looting or mining.

Below is a quick guide on how to optimise the Overview using the Overview Tabs. Eventually you’ll find your own preferences and maybe some more advanced guides, but this should help you get it going.

1) Click the small, white, stripy box next to “Overview (All)” (highlighted here in red).

2) A menu will pop up, click “Open Overview Settings” (highlighted below):

3) Another menu will pop up, make sure the “Overview Tabs” tab is selected, as shown below:

4) There are 5 option boxes available, leave the first as is, but in the section under “Tab name” type: General; Loot; Mining; PVP. Then select the corresponding options in the “Overview Profile” menu, as shown below:

5) Afterwards, click “Apply” and then exit the window. You will now see your overview has several new tabs.

Each tab option will filter out objects that don’t fit with it’s specifics. So “Loot” will show only lootable objects, “Mining” will show only mineable asteroids etc.

Play around with them and you’ll see soon enough how they work.

As a point, the difference between “All” and “General” is that General removes friendly NPC’s (such as CONCORD (the intergalactic police force)) and most redundant or unimportant objects, whilst All shows everything.

I prefer to keep All and General both available as All is useful for when you need to know exactly what’s around you, and General is useful for travelling as well as for combat. In fact, use General for missions and facing off NPC’s. The PVP tab is for when you’re fighting other players.


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