08) Corporations & Alliances

The heart of EVE Online is interaction between other players. People play EVE to play with/against other people. It’s what makes the game so fun! And frustrating! You can have some of your best EVE moments battling through missions with friends, or mining huge asteroids with colleagues, or trading goods with other pilots and in the same vein, you can have some of your worst moments being targeted by player pirates, having your loot stolen by stealth thieves or being undercut by a wily trader.

In short, much like real life, the ups and downs in this game are all thanks to other players. To this end, Corporations and Alliances have ever been an integral part of EVE.

Note that tt is possible to play the game alone, but you will encounter other players who will try to interact with you on some level, whether it be trade, combat or recruitment attempts. So having some friends at your side is always a good idea.


Corporations are like guilds. They are groups of players who have banded together under one name and share benefits according to their overall corporation standing in the EVE universe.It also allows for more secure trading between players.

Many corporations specialise in certain areas which range from: training new pilots to mining to mercenary or pirate work to Mafia-like extortion of other corporations to combat and War Declarations to research and development and planet mining. There really is a corporation for every play style out there. If you don’t already have one in mind, do some research and find one you like.

Corporations are also useful if you loose your ship or need to borrow some ISK or need help in a mission or backup because you’re being targeted by pirates.

Either way, it is highly recommend that you find yourself a corporation as soon as possible and discover the benefits of having a fleet at your back!



Alliances are groups of corporations all banded together for their own benefit. Some Alliances can have hundreds of corporations as members and are usually involved in large-scale mining or warfare operations.


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