10) The Market

EVE Online has an incredibly complex and realistic economy, so much so that some economists have drawn real-world parallels and have studied it extensively. The EVE dev team even has a qualified economist on board!

You will also find that most items you buy in the EVE universe were at one time or another made by another player! This keeps this economy driven and fresh. CCP do inject resources and items into the game regularly though, just to make sure there is enough for everyone . However, resources also tend to jump around and can deplete, which encourages resource wars and trade deals.

With so much complexity to it, it’s no wonder that it can confuse most new players (myself included). As such, this section will not deal with the economy per se, but will give you a quick guide on the Market panel in EVE Online.

A more detailed guide of the market can be found here: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Market

The Market

The Market can be accessed anytime, in-space or in-station, from either your Neocom Panel on the Station Services panel (circled below in red):

(click image to enlarge)

Clicking either of these options brings up the Market window.

Using the drop down menu on the left of the Market window will allow you to browse through various items available in your station, solar system or region. (The filter above that menu allows you to specify station, solar system or region.)

There is also a search bar available for looking for something specific quickly.


Below I have decided to browse for a standard Amarr destroyer. As you can see, there is one available, which I can buy immediately, but I do not have the skills to pilot it, as shown by the red skill book next to the Coercer. Other information about the ship, it’s price and how many jumps away it is are also shown:

If I click on the Coercer, a more detailed market screen appears with more purchase options available, including different prices and orders I can place in different systems. (Clicking the blue “i” next to it’s name takes you back to the previous screen.)

In the “Sellers” section; “Jumps” means how many hyperspace jumps it will take to get to the station the item is at; “Quantity” is how many are available from that seller; “Price” is obviously the price of the item and “Location” is which station the item is located at.

The “Buyers” section is a detail of other players like you who are looking at the same item.

If you have decided on the item you want, it is time to buy.

Right-click the item you want, which will bring up this menu:

“Buy this” takes you to the buy screen, “Show info” will give you more detail about the item (which is where you can check if you match the prerequisites needed to use said item – remember, you can buy any item you want, provided you have the ISK, but you will only be able to use it if you have the required skill(s) trained), “Location” will bring up another menu which will allow you to get detailed info about where the item is, including plotting the jump there.

Clicking “Buy this” brings up the buy screen:

As you can see, it displays useful information for your purchase, including the distance, cost and regional average.

The region average is an average of the cost of the item in the region. This Coercer is being sold at 5.75% below the region. The market fluctuations mean that it is very possible the ship will cost less in other systems, so bargain hunting is also a large part of the EVE Online Market.

After you buy the item, your order will be placed and it will either appear in your items storage in your station (if the item is listed as being located in your station) or will be in another station you will have to jump to.

NOTE: make sure the seller has the quantity you need or the order won’t be processed.

An easy way of locating an item you just bought is by clicking the “Assets” button on the Neocom Panel and plotting the jump there.

NOTE #2: Sometimes it takes a while for your order to appear in your Assets section, just be patient and it will appear. You also may have to undock for it to appear.


Whereas you can buy at anytime in the game, including in-space or in-station, you can only sell in-station until you have trained your “Marketing” skill up.

To sell, open your “Items” panel, right-click the item you wish to sell, and click “Sell this item”:

A sell window will appear:

This is the “Simple” sell window, it allows for quick, pre-set sales according to what the system believes is a good price for the item in question. This is what most new players will use to sell items.

If you have trained your “Trade” skill up enough, you can sell the items as “Orders” which allows you to choose the price you wish to sell at. Players can make sell orders from the start, but only a limited amount, the Trade skill allows more buy and sell orders to be placed.

Clicking the “Advanced” button on the simple sell window takes you to the order placing screen:

You can set the price, quantity (you have to have that quantity available) and duration of sale.

When you click “Sell” you get the ISK immediately, but your order may take some time to actually sell, which is where having the “Trade” skill comes in handy.

EVE Market

There are also other tabs and options, but you will have to browse those yourself, the only other thing we will deal with is ensuring the items you wish to buy are in hisec areas, for your own safety.

Click the “Settings” tab at the top-right, and this will appear:

Make sure the only box you have selected is the “Display Orders in High Security Systems”. This will ensure all the orders you look at are in 0.5-1.0 space. Buying things in lowsec space is very risky, so be careful.

EVE truly has a place for every kind of player, some people join EVE just to play the markets. If this appeals to you, then please take a look at the further reading below.

Further reading:





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