11) EVEMon

EVEMon is one of the most useful EVE Online tools out there, and certainly the most highly rated.

It is essentially a character planner. For example, if you have a specific ship or career option in mind, but you’re not sure which skills exactly you need to get there, EVEMon will help you create a training plan for your character.

It also helps you optimise your training plan so as to shave hours or even days off your training! And also assists in Neural Remapping for optimal training.

From the EVEMon website:

EVEMon is a lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist you in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression. You can view your current skills and attributes, what you’re currently training, and your ISK balance. EVEMon can track multiple characters across multiple accounts, so all your alts can be monitored through the same, simple interface.

You can also plan your future character progression, by setting up a skill training plan; or even just play “what if” with detailed listings of all skills and training times. Put Learning skills into your training plans and the times adjust automatically. EVEMon will even look over your plans for you and suggest Learning skills to reduce your overall training time!

EVEMon can save your character information in XML format, or as a text file. Your skill plans can be saved as EMP (EVEMon Plan File), XML, or text formats; and can easily be shared with other EVEMon users for easy skill build suggestions and sharing. EVEMon automatically adds or removes skills from the plan when a plan file is loaded by another user as appropriate to fulfill skill prerequisites, or to remove skills the user already knows.

When your character’s currently training skill completes, EVEMon can notify you with your choice of a desktop tray balloon, a sound effect, or even an email sent automatically. Your skill plans will automatically update to account for the newly completed skill, as well!


Unfortunately, there are no guides out there on how to use EVEMon exactly, most players just figure it out themselves or ask others to show/tell them how to do it.

So, here is a quick “How To” guide (EVEMon ver 1.4).

1) Download EVEMon here: http://evemon.static.battleclinic.com/builds/installers/EVEMon-install-

2) Install EVEMon.

3) Open EVEMon and add your account info to it:

3.1) Click “File” and click “Add Account”.

3.2) Click the link it provides at the top (https://www.eveonline.com/api/default.asp – this takes you to your account wherein you will get your User ID and API Key, which allows EVEMon to access your character and account information.)

3.3) After logging into your account, you will be taken to a screen which is entitled “EVE API Key Management”.

3.4) A box entitled “Limited Access API Key” will be shown with a variety of codes and information, this is the info you need for EVEMon.

Limited Access API Key & User ID

(It is limited to prevent anyone from gaining full access to your account. DO NOT give your full access code out to anyone. Some corporations require your Limited API Key to confirm your identity in-game, this is fine, but don’t give it out to everyone.)

3.5) Copy/paste your User ID number and API Key into the corresponding boxes in EVEMon.

3.6) Click “Next”. EVEMon will now fetch your account data.

3.7) You will then be presented with options to add whatever characters you have on that account to your EVEMon planner.

3.8) Click “Update” and well done! You’ve added your character(s)!

3.9) Your characters will always be displayed on the Overview screen, unless you remove them directly. They will also be available on the tabs above.

3.10) Click your character and let’s make him/her a training plan!

4) Clicking you character will take your to their panel, wherein whatever skills available to them will be displayed. And next to the “Skills” button will be the “Queue” button which displays whatever skills your character happens to be training at the time.

5) Now, I want to make a plan for this guy. So, the first thing I do is decide what ship and what loadout. We will choose the Omen loadout listed in this guides’ Ships section for this example.

5.1) Click “Plans” at the top and select “New Plan”.

5.2) Enter a name for the new plan. I suggest the name of your character, follow by the ship name or loadout. For example “Pilot1 – Omen”.

5.3) The Skill Planner window will appear.

(click to enlarge image)

(It may seem a bit overwhelming, but I’ll take you through the basics. Any more advanced planning will have to come from you experimenting with the planner.)

5.4) Click the “Ship Browser” tab in the second row near the top.

5.5) The Ship Browser window will then appear.

5.6) You can either choose to browse a ship of your choice, or type the ship name into the search option. In our case, we’ll type “Omen”, as that is the ship we want.

Immediately several ship options will appear that have something to do with the ship specified.

5.7) Upon clicking the ship you want, it’s details will appear in the window next to it.

(You can choose to stop here, and skip to step A.A, or you can continue with a BattleClinic Loadout (recommended.))

5.8) Then click the blue-highlighted “BattleClinic Loadouts” which will bring up a window with all the loadouts on BattleClinic listed for our ship.

Find the loadout you wanted (in our case the one entitled “Omen L2 low SP mission runner” by killer 4571) and click that.

5.9) Click “Add to Plan”. Another window will appear, giving you the chance to check the skills that will be needed for this loadout and to prioritise any.

As all is fine here, so we’ll just click OK. Then close the loadout window.

5.10) After that, you will be taken back to your ships initial selection screen. On the right hand side will be two buttons, both will say “Add to Plan”, click both of those. And click “OK” on both of the windows that pop up.

5.11) Now click the “Plan queue” tab at the top-left. You will be taken to a list of the skills the plan has arranged for you.

5.12) First thing you should do is make sure the “Priority” sorting option is selected (and the black arrow is facing upwards ^) and that the skills are sorted from lowest to highest, as shown above.

5.13) Next, click the blue “i” (the information icon) on the left-hand column, this will give you a legend for identifying the skill highlights, as shown above.

5.14) At the very bottom is some important information for your skill training:

5.14.1) From left to right:

“56 skills planned (26 unique)” means that to achieve this goal, you will have to train 56 skills, 26 of which you will have to purchase skill books for.

“9d, 23m, 16s to train whole plan” means that it will take 9 days, 23 minutes and 16 seconds to train this entire plan.

“2,039,500 ISK required” means it will cost that much ISK to purchase the skills needed to achieve this goal. (This is excluding ship and equipment cost. You will have to factor that in your self.)

6) (Optional) Now we need to Optimise your Attributes. (Remember you can only do this twice at first, and then only after a year again.)

6.1) Click the Optimise Attributes tab:

6.2) Click the middle option “Attributes that would be best for the first year of this plan.”

6.3) The remapping screen will appear. These are the suggestions EVEMon has for your Neural Remapping. This is what EVEMon believes would be best for the current plan you have chosen.

6.4) The bottom of the window shows that you will save over a day’s worth of training with these attribute changes. So, depending on what you want, this could work very well. And if it’s the first time you are remapping, then this can be very useful for getting you into a good ship quickly.

Remember, these optimisations are optional. You can choose to implement these changes or not on your EVE Character Sheet.

And that’s basically it! Now go into EVE and get yourself the skills you need!

7) Once you are finished with your plan, you can exit it as it autosaves. To access it again, make sure you have the character selected for whom you made the plan, click “Plans” and the corresponding plan will be right there.


Hopefully this will get you well on the way to getting your character to the amazing ships you want to be flying! Good luck!

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