13) General Tips

Here are some general tips for making EVE a smoother experience.

1) Remove the fee for adding contacts or EVE-mailing players

When you try to EVE-mail or add a new contact in EVE, a message usually pops telling you that there is a fee involved.

This amount is nothing really, but it can be annoying to a new player. And it can be annoying when you’re in a group of new players and suddenly everyone has to pay to send each other messages.

This is a useful system as it does prevent spamming, but I’ll show you how to remove it anyway.

1) Click “EVE Mail” in the Neocom Panel on the left.

2) Click the stripy bar box at the top-left, next to “EVE MAIL”.

3) Click “Settings”.

4) In the box that says “CSPA charge”, set it to “0”.


2) What to do with loot.

Each player has their own idea on what to do with loot gained from missions.

Personally, I advise the following: if you can’t immediately use it, or use it in the near future, reprocess or sell it.

Right-click the item and click “reprocess”. Check if the item has any rare minerals, such as Zydrine or Megacyte. If it does, reprocess it, keep the rare minerals and sell the rest.

If it doesn’t have any rare minerals, sell it.


3) Jump planning with Autopilot.

Planning a safe autopilot jump, especially if you’re going to be afk, is very important.

1) Click the “Map” button on the Neocom panel on the left.

2) The map screen will appear. Go to the World Map Control Panel and click the “Autopilot” tab.

3) Select the option “Prefer Safer” and tick the boxes “Avoid systems where pod killing has recently occurred” and ‘Avoid systems on the Avoidance List”. Also set the “Security Penalty” bar to about 60 (or 100 if you’re really paranoid). As below:

This will give you the safest routes possible, but keep in mind that this may make the trip extra long and in some cases you may have to remove these restrictions to get somewhere you need to be.


3) Security Levels


Each sector of space has a security level, essentially detailing how safe the area is in terms of CONCORD presence.

1.0 – 0.5 are the safest sectors, with 1.0 being the safest. Called “hisec” or “high security” sectors.

0.4 – 0.0 are less safe, with 0.0 being completely lawless. Called “lowsec” or “low security” sectors.


4) Your Alt. (Keep it secret, keep it safe)

Your Alt is the other character(s) on your account. It is a good idea to have at least one Alt and to keep it secret from everyone save your corp mates or trusted EVE friends.

This is mostly so that if you’re main character is targeted, you have another option, that they won’t know about, to turn to.

Keep in mind that only one character at a time can be training skills. It isn’t a bad idea to have one of your Alts as an ISK farmer. For example, if you mainly play combat roles, then have your Alt as an afk miner.


More tips to follow soon!

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